Monday, January 31, 2011

January 31, 2011

Hey Everyone!!!

 Hey, this week has been Crazy!!! First off, as you all know i didn't get
transfered so i got o saty in my area for longer! My companion's name is Elder
Larson, he is pretty awesome. So wednesday morning we found out there was some
complications with some Elders so Elder Reed (the missionary from Highline
Samoan ward) had to come with us for the rest of the week. So for the week we
had to cover the samoan ward and the Beverly Park Ward. So we drove all over the
mission to just find people that Elder Reed didnt know. So we got nothing really
Saturday we taught Sharon. We put her on date for March 5th!!! Whoo!! she
wants to be baptized beacuse she knows and wants to follow Jesus Christ, she is
amazing. So, i get a call on sunday Morning at 8:00am from the assistants. They
ask me if i can be packed and ready to go monday morning at 11:00 am, i'm
getting transfered. I was so sad, i love this ward so so so so so much! At
church the bishop had me bear my testimony and i almost started crying, i did
cry aftermy last lesson with Cindy and Dennis Clark, we gave Dennis a blessing
and he is just full of faith, he told me "i'll miss you buddy," he is 5 and has
never had a dad, i took it on myself to be there fro him and now i'm leaving,
its so sad. But the lord will provide right? Right!

I will miss the Beverly Park ward dearly, but Seattle north is where i am
now! Elder Bjarnson and I are going to tear it up downtown and turn this area
around, well thats all i have to say right now so........ bye!!! Love you

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