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Monday, January 31, 2011

December 27,201

Hey everyone, this week was most excellent!!! Also kind of really sad, how
you might ask? well read on my friends, read on. It all started on a cold,
dark, wet, and rainy day in Seattle. I don't know what I'm even going to talk
about first, all i know is that it was a cold, dark, wet, and rainy day in


LeRoy Alexander, my first convert, was having a bit of a hard time this
Christmas because he needed to move out of the place he was staying by the 1st
and his plans for Christmas fell through. He and his wife were going to go down
to the food bank to get Christmas dinner because they had nothing to eat. The
Relief Society president called us and asked if we had someone we wanted to give
an extra 12 lb turkey to. Yes!!!! God provides for his children, they have no
clue where that extra turkey came from but it went to good use. 


Christmas Eve we went to the Beck's, one of my most favorite families I've
met on my mission so far   We went caroling and she
gave us so many presents, they are way too nice, seriously. She hand knit us
stockings and filled them ( they are extra large stockings ) On Christmas Day we
went to the Pickford's, a Hawaiian family in our ward, we had an authentic luau.
We had turkey, kalua pig, coconut rolls (my favorite thing ever), prime rib, and
so much more!!!   Thank you so much all of you that sent me letters
or packages, it means so much and i wish i could express the amount of gratitude
i have for each one of you. Thank you. I did get one package that
was.........lets say unsatisfactory......... It was a prank package from someone
names Hugh Jass (HAHA)  it was supposed to explode with goldfish whales when i
opened it, dont worry i'm smarter than that and it didnt but it was stil mean


Addie and Kala were supposed to be baptized on the 28th of december, they
fell off date.

We have not been able to get a hold of them since the 24th and they did not
show up to church. There will not be a baptism for beverly park on


Much Love, Elder Trevor Williamson 

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