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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

March 8,2011

This week was great, but a little slow. Transfer calls were this week and i
get to stay in my Area, with my same companion, things are gonna explode in this
area! We had a miracle of finding 6 people to put on date for Baptism in a week,
but 4 of them have fallen off and we cannot get a hold of them, we are not
discouraged just yet and we try many many times to get a hold of them, its just
really sad.

One of our investigators name is Svetlana. She is 19 and adopted from
Russia. She has some issues and doesn't hang out with the right kind of people.
We had an appointment scheduled for Wednesday, we decided to take the Maxwell's
with us (the senior couple missionaries searving in our ward). She apparently
ran away the day before and the police were searching for her with no luck. She
swore she would never come back and that she hated it at her house with her
parents. We got a phone call that she had come back because she remebered we
were comming, the next day we rushed over there and when we got there Svetlana
would not smile or talk at all, except to put down her mother sitting right next
to her. it was a hard lesson, then we started teaching about Christ. The spirit
was deffinetly there, by the end of the lesson she was smiling and laughing and
just beaming. It was the greatest spirit i have felt in a lesson so far on my
mission. Her mother, a practiing jew, wants us to come back and with tears
thanked us for helping her daughter, we have a return appointment for thsi

We recieved a phone call form the assistants, again, asking if we could
help a lady move, of course we did. She was newly married and found her husband
cheating with multiple woman he is finding online. she had to be out that day
before he came home, She is not a memeber, we helped as best we could but she
was just so broken and stressed and she just sat and cried praying out lound for
help. We taught her about the priesthood and gave her a blessing, we
accomplished more in that next hour than we had in the previous 3. She was also
lively and cracking jokes and actually smiling. After, her father tried to pay
us, of course we refused, we didnt think much of it and left. Her father and her
and now investigating the church in federal way because of our example. I'm not
trying to brag, but people notice and want to know why we are different, the
best missionaries in my opionion lead and begin there work by example.

I let my companion cut my hair, it's so expensive out here and we dont have
a lot of money so i let him. It's a number 4 all around, ahahaha. I look so
different, its not bad and i dont have to do anything to it after the shower,
but i dont know if i like it ya know? Last, we had a overwhelming miracle
happen, in my ward there are two sets of elders, one covers Queen Anne and
Downtown (me), and the other covers Magnolia and Ballard. Sarting this morning
there are no more boundries. Seattle 1 A and 1 B are now just Seattle 1. We all
cover all four areas and whoever you find, you teach. I love you all, thanks for
the support and prayers talk to you soon!

Elder Trevor Williamson