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Thursday, May 26, 2011

May 23,2011


Has been busy teaching a family on his P. so there has not been a lot of writing from him.  Here's his last letter.

This week was amazing! We had a zone conference and it was truly inspiring. Elder Bjarnson and i were sadly not being exactly obedient. It was nothing really bad, but we came to find out that it is the little things that stop us from the ig blessings. President larkin pretty much called everyone to repentance. Our whole mission is not doing very well and we are not a very obedient mission. At the zone conference I recieved insperation to know what i needed to change, i did it right then and there. That night i prayed pleading for forgiveness. I felt so horrible, i felt like i should not even try to ask for forgiveness, not even care. I had thoughts like "just go home, you already messed up." and "your wasting everyone's time here" It was so hard!!! I didnt give up, i stayed there for 2 hours, praying for forgiveness, i did not get up until i felt something from God. Let me tell you, it was incredible. I literally felt His arms around me and i knew i was ok, i know now that God is pleased with me being on my mission, as long as i keep repenting and striving i will have a succesfull mission. I know the lord will bless me with experiences that will sustain me in my testimony for the rest of my life. I love my mission. I love you!!!!!!

Transfers are this week. I found out that our apartment is getting shut down. Our area is going to be put back to one set of Elders. This is very sad because i'm probably getting transfered, sad day. The revised morning sceduale is as follows:

1. 6:15 am Wake up and exercise

2. 6:45 am Showers and prayers (sacred grove experience)

3. 7:30 Family prayer as a mission and breakfast TOGETHER!

4. 8:00 Personal Study (30 min in the Book of Mormon)

5. 9:00 Companionship Study (30 min Doctrine of Christ (lessons))

We are purifying our mission we will see miracles i know it!!! I love all of you, write me back!! Sorry for not writing in a while, super busy, i will be better i promise!!!!

Elder Trevor Williamson