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Monday, January 31, 2011

January 10,2011

Hello Everyone,


Last preparation day was spent on the crazy island of Vashon, It is it;s
own little world, seriously. Everyone there is pretty much insane, there is one
grocery store, and the place to go is "The Hardware Store" it's a restaurant.
HAHAHA The missionaries there are completely crazy, i love them, every night
they play one game of chess and one game of mental chess, don't ask. When we
went to Vashon we played a four man game of chess, they beat us in like 10 moves
CRAZY!!!! Also on Vashon, there was a guy that hid a bike from his brother in a
tree and apparently forgot where he put it, the tree has grown around it!!! its
so cool!


This week was pretty good, on Monday we went to Applebee's, it felt just
like home :) There is a family in our ward that are the parents of this ward,
they are pretty much related to everyone, they are both in there 90's and have
great great grandchildren all living in this area!! They are the nicest people
ever! There son in law gave them a bunch of books for Christmas, they are all
about death, what!? who gives there parents books about death! Anyone one looks
really good, it's called "Embraced by the light," get it, read it, love it!
There is a lady named Betsey White, she was taught by the missionaries for
years, i mean years! and she never would make a commitment to be baptized, we
went and helped her build a gate, she is really warming up to us so hopefully we
will get her baptized, she could be baptized tomorrow if she wanted! Last
Wednesday we had a Zone meeting and set goals, Our Mission Goal for 2011 is
1,000 convert baptisms!!!! Whoo!!!!! We can do it! Our Zone Goal for January is
25, we are well on track, if every zone got 25 a month, which is do able, we
would make 1,000 look way easy!!!! The lord is ready to bless this mission, but
are we ready? hmmm.......


Well if you didn't know, my knee has been killing me! So i finally went to
the Doctor. I went to a sport injury specialist. They told me after x-rays and
doing crazy things with my legs and stuff that i have a inflamed tendon. It is a
tendon that doesn't even matter and unless it hurts you wouldn't even know its
there. They asked if i want a shot, hahaha Guess what i said, yep your right,
HECK NO!! hahaha. They told me to ice it every night and to use a brace, if that
doesn't work i have to get the shot, if that doesn't work it will be time for
surgery, hopefully the ice just works :)


We went back to the 25 cent thrift store where i got my Echos, well i found
a super nice pair of Bostonians for 25 cents so i bought them! also i bought my
companion a pair of B-E-A-utiful pair of Hugo Boss shoes! I wanted them so bad!
they were size 14. Oh well :) There is a lady in my ward that is
completely crazy but in an awesome way, remember Sister Clark? Well she got her
Grandson, whom she is raising, a Wii. He is literally addicted hahaha he
actually pooped his pants because he had to beat a level hahahaha he is about 7.


Well last time I E-mailed i had two people on date, well Kala fell off :(
She is becoming president of her non-denominational youth group and is to
busy to talk to us, it really stinks. :( God will provide!! Here is something on
a better note, i found $20 on the street!!! hahaha super lucky! Now back to sad
but inspiring, There is a lass active Member in our ward her name is Rachel her
daughter is suffering from kidney failure. Its so bad the doctors said she could
just not wake up one day...... We had a prompting to see her, we went and found
out they found one of her friends that was a match and was going to donate her
kidney, she needed to quit smoking for one year, after six months she was
smoking again :( Then someone died in Idaho that was a donor that matched!!!
They flew it over and it died on the plane. My heart is broken for this family,
i was prompted to share Alma 40: 11 it says the all spirits after they die are
"Taken home to that God who game them life." Her sister is going to donate but
she has to wait one year after having children, she will be ready soon, i hope
that she will be able to recover soon. After all that Rachel still wakes up
every morning and thanks God for everything she has and for watching out for her
daughter. Rachel is the example we should base our laves after, she even with
her trials accepts God knows best and no matter what happens He is there and He
will carry her through.


I love you all.

Elder Trevor Williamson

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