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Thursday, December 9, 2010

December 6,2010

Hey Everyone!!!!


This has been a week full of Ups and Downs. It has been great though! We
had my first Zone Conference this week, it was a huge motivator for me to be
exactly obedient and to "Bury your doubts in a garden of obedience."  To meet
our Goal of 720 baptism's this year every companionship needs to Baptize two
people, that is one person per missionary, it it totally doable!!! Anyway, There
is a family of recent converts, The Abraha family, it is the mom, Mizan, the 10
yr old daughter Saron, and alex he is 6 or 7 and he is autistic. Everytime we
come over he goes crazy!!! he is jumping around climbing all over us doin flips,
yea Flips hahaha. it is such a testimony builder, he is a amazing person with a
spirit that just glows and he presses his face on your hands to give you
"kisses" i love them so much!!!!!! There is a man who we tracted into and his
name is Edmund Stone, we had a lesson and he seemed great, we got him to quit
smoking and a return appointment. When we went to pick him up, he opened the
door gave us back the Book of Mormon and told us to not come back, Bummer!!!! We
invited him to a community Christmas event, we went anyway. There was Mt. Reiner
High School choir preforming from six to seven, i dont know if they understood
it was a christmas theme cause they sang "I Gotta A Feelin" by the Black Eyed
Peas.........Interesting. Addie, Kala, and Shawna are a family we are teaching,
Addie and Kala are on date for December 28th and we hope to put Shawna on date
for the 28th also this thursday. Leroy's Baptism was moved to the 11th, at our
last lesson with him he told a story that is incredable, it is ho he gained a
testimony of god. "He was about 10 and he grew up in foster homes, he caught a
grasshopper and tore it to pieces. He was sad after and started to cry, he grew
up going to church so he started to pray, he heard a voice that told him to put
the grasshopper in his shoebox. So he continued to put it into his shoebox and
took it up to his room and prayed again. He then opened it up and the
grasshopper jumped out of the box and out the window, from that time on he knew
there was a god."  Isn't that awesome!!!! i almost cried the spirit was so
strong. We went to Sister Kuy's house, the one that gave me Pho, she fed us
cambodian spring rolls, look it up, i much rather prefer Pho. My transfers are
next week, i really hope i stay and i get to spend Christmas here, I love this
ward and my mission and i thank everyone that is supporting me, especcially my
parents and family, i love you all and TTFN ta-ta for now!!!


Elder Trevor Williamson 


I went into a home infested with cockroaches and they got into my bag,
SICK!!!!! I got rid of them all, dont worry. Also i got to play dradle and I was
taken to the Cheesecake Factory!!! Score!!!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

November 29, 2010

Well, i didn't get to write last week, so prepare yourselves, it's gonna be
a long one.  The reason I didn't get to write last week is because the whole
city was shut down due to snow. Guess how much snow..............3 in!!! that's
it!!! Three little inches!! HAHAHA. The whole city shut down, nothing was open,
even the highway closed, buses stopped, the whole works shut down.

As some of you know my area was given a goal of 10 Baptisms by the end of
the year, our whole mission's goal is 720 Baptism's in 2010. We have 195 left to
go. Before i got here two of the baptisms in this area were completed. So we
have eight more. It seems impossible, but we never lost faith and we have two
people on date. Leroy, he is in his mid-forty's and wanted to be a preacher, he
is on date for the 11th of December (my Mom's B-Day BTW, Everyone say Happy
Birthday for me ok?) Then we have Addie, we found her at a bus stop, she is from
Nigeria and she has been widowed twice and has two daughters. All of them came
to church yesterday and we are hoping to put the two daughters on date sometime
this week. The daughters loved it and we don't really know about Addie, she is
quiet, but i think she did. She is on date for the 28th of December.

I will have the same address my whole mission, not that i wont be moving
around, it's just easier to send it to the mission home. I live on the corner of
4th ave SW and about 112th in king county right now, that's for you dad, tell
that to Grandma and Grandpa, and also tell them thank you so much for that
package it was Delicious.  Some more random information, i have lost 18 pounds,
I bought a totally awesome watch at this place called white center plaza for ten
bucks. There is a store called "Hung Long Asian Market" and "What the Pho" (pho
is pronounced Fuh) There is also a place called Samway, you name it they sell
it, it's like walmart but with gross stuff, they sell pig ears, pickled chicken
feet, banana sauce that is red, and lots for crazy stuff that i dont even know
what it is. 

We are working with a lot of people that could potentially be baptized by
the end of the year including Isreal, Barbra, Suzanne, Carmen and
Pedro, Manny, Spencer, and Andrea. Barbra has a son that could potentially be
baptized, Suzanne has a Daughter, and Carmen and Pedro have kids. We have a lot
of potential but we have to keep praying for miracles.

Thanksgiving was fun, i went to two members houses and got fed so much i
almost exploded, no joke. Before We had a half mission get together. I saw Kade
there and got a piture!!! (he is in my home ward) We had dinner at the Chesley's
and pretty much dessert at the Beck's. After dinner we, with the chesleys,
played a game called the magnificent race, its really old, if anyone can find it
buy it!!! i want it!!! hahahaha.

There is a twenty-five cent flee market in white center. I got a pretty
much brand new pair of Echo's (shoes) for 25 cents!!!! The only problem is they
are brown, i have nothing to match them with, hopefully i can get some really
cheap bacuse these shoes rock!!!

I have gone through a lot of dissapointment and heartbreak while on my
mission, there are these people you carea about so much and they dont show up to
appointments or just fall away, it's so hard,. and just not knowing everything
and being scared to death its the worst feeling in the world!!! I have had to
rely on my savior so much. Now i know that he is walking with me wherever i go
and he will help me with whatever i need to accomplish his work. I love you all
and talk, well type to you all next week!!!! See Ya!!!!


Elder Trevor Williamson

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

November 15,2010

There is this black guy we are teaching named Leroy. He wanted to start his
own church. He seriously knows the Bible backward and frontwards. We started
teaching him and he loves the Book of Mormon! I committed him to be baptized on
December 4th!!!! WHOOOO!!!!! hahaha my companion and I have a goal of ten
baptisms by the end of the year. We have at least ten we are working on so i
really really think we can do it!! We found four new investigators this last
week!!! The work is going great, i am trying to write you a hand written letter
but i never have time, don't worry ill get too lol. There are literally crazies
here! haha our ward it literally insane. We have three people passing the
sacrament but there are over 500 people in the ward. only like 22% show up, we
have a lot of work here. I am in a bus area. so when we go to a place called
white center to street contact there are drunks, prostitutes, and homeless
people. They all except for the prostitutes yell at us to come over and pray for
them, we try to teach them but they are way too wasted. There is a huge
diversity here and all of them are just scraping by. It is a very humbling place
and those people who are willing to literally give everything to the church are
amazing i cant imagine how much they must love the lord. I love my Mission!!!!!
seriously there have been times i really wanted to go home but i know I'm
supposed to be here and that god is with me.


I have had things yelled at me and i have been flipped of and the door
slammed and almost everything, but its worth it. We stopped by a members house
named Rachel. Her daughter is apparently waiting for a kidney transplant and is
having a really tough time with faith. We didn't know and something told us to
go there. After we taught out of Moroni 7 (we had no clue what to teach so we
just pulled that out) before we left she said that she was depressed and that we
came the exact moment before she did something drastic. We taught about faith
and about trails of faith and by faith miracles are wrought. it was an eye
opener that God is truly with us and that we are continuing Christ's earthly
ministry through us.


There is so much i wanna say but i can't think right now!! I miss you all
and love you. The little things in life are what bring us closer to God and i
know that now more than ever. Prayer is amazing and it really works! God is
listening and willing to help us with anything we ask if its righteous


Much Love,

Elder Trevor Williamson

Monday, November 8, 2010

Nov. 08,2010

As you know i am in Seattle now and it's well..... interesting. I am in an
area called Beverly Park, It is the "Ghetto" of Seattle. There is everything you
could ever think of here, drugs, prostitutes, drunks, homeless, and just plain
wierd people. Don't get me wrong there is a ton of great people here lol you
just have to weed out the wierdies. It's really interesting being on a mission.
it's a whole lot different then what i am used too, or what i to be. All you do period is preach!
talking to people on the street is so fun but so so so scary! We talked to this
on guy that was literally ridiculous!! He talked for literally 25 min without
taking a breath. He was going everywhere he went from he is from the Hershey
family so i am rich to i am getting married to a black woman, Also he told us he
spent 12 days in prison recently for telling a woman he will kill her if she
didn't preform in bed, he acted like it wasn't a big deal and it happens to
everyone!!! He then spoke about mother earth and father sky and about how he had
an amazing spiritual experience that changed his life, so hoping to squeeze some
doctrine in we asked him what it was. He said it happened for about 30 seconds
while he was making love on alcci beach 11 miles south of the statue of liberty
or somethinfg like that!!! HAHAHAHA. He was literally insane!! 


My companion and trainer is named Elder Jensen, he has been out for almost
19 months and has spent the last 5 transfers (a transfer is a 6 week period of
time) in Beverly Park. He is super tall, 6'8" and totally buff!! He is pretty
intimidating so its hard to teach people that don't know us haha. but he is
an amazing teacher and full of the spirit so i am learning well. There are about
5 main ethnicity's here in this are: Cambodian, Vietnamese, Arab, black, and
Eritrean. Elder Jensen is from Utah!! His family is from pasen! 


Guess What!?  I am loosing so so so much weight!! It's so crazy i love
it!! The new food i have tried is Pho (FUH) is a Vietnamese noodle soup. the
first time i had it it was so nasty! it had UN peeled shrimp, beef balls, pretty
much grass, and Tripe or beef stomach. EWWWW lol when it was over i swore i
would never eat it again, well we went to a members house and asked what we were
having, guess what she said, yep you got it Pho, but it didn't have beef balls
or tripe just the other stuff so it was more enjoyable, kind of.


I miss you and love you and you are in my prayers everyday. Every time i
get a thought of coming home i think of how much is blessing your lives and also
mine. It has been hard and people cancel or just dont care about the message,
its so discouraging, 

I just wanna yell at them and tell them that your salvation is on the line
here!!!!!! but i can't. The lord is with me more than he ever has been and i am
relying on him for almost everything. It's so humbling to be out here, i wish i
would have lived my earlier life as humble as the people here, most of them have
nothing, but they give everything. Everyone remeber don't be a shoulda woulda
coulda person, be that person that goes to be everynight and asks God to accept
your day because its all you did, the atonement was made because we can't go
back, it was made because we arent good enough. but through Jesus Christ we are
good enough, we wake up everyday being better than before. I love Jesus Christ,
i know he lives, and i know he loves me and each and everyone of you, i know he
lives because i know him, he is my brother, he is my teacher, and he is my best

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Trevor Moves to Seattle

Trevor move to Seattle this week.  Trevor left the MTC on Tuesday, Nov 2, 2010 and now is in the Washington Seattle Mission. 

Monday, October 18, 2010

First Week at the MTC.

I have not recieved a letter yet. its kinda sad, but its ok. Can you go on to
facebook and tell everyone to use it gets here the next day and i want to know
who wants me to write them. i would love to get letters as well as emails from
you and the family. The food here is..... well interesting. It feels like you
ate a mountain of food even if you only ate a few things. I have heard they want
to fatten you up before you go so i think they fill it with starch. I actually
have two companions there names are Elder Aiken he is from sandy ut and Elder
Mcclellan he is from illinois. they are like my best friends!!! i love our
district as well there are two other elders and another tripanionship of
sisters. Everyone in my district had recieved letters except me, so the sisters
wrote me, they are so amazing. I dont need anything but i would love for you to
send me a pakage of some kind just so i can reuse the box to send some stuff
back or to the mission home. I miss you guys but our days are so packed that i
don't really have time to think about it so its kind of nice.

I have learned so much i cant even come close to typing it
all, and i only get thirty minuets. My companions and I have been here for four
full days, we have been called to be the zone leaders. We are now in charge of
three districts and welcoming and teaching the new elders commin in every
week. It is terrifying, i was really thinking that i could not do this and that
i would have to come home, i got on my knees and prayed, well pleaded with my
heavenly father to help me change and be the missionary that he wants me to be.
That next day our Branch presidency taught us, the 1st councilor said that god
called us just the way we are, with all of our past included. I am here because
god wants me here. he also said "can you should've yesterday today?" Everynight
pray to god and ask him to accept your day as the best you could do. You might
think that its not the best you can do, but its all you did! you can't change
yetserday. People keep all thier attention on trying to change what has already
happend. You will be suprised how easy god will accept the things you have done
if you ask him to help you, not this person you want to become, but you if you
can improve tomorrow. I belive that and testify of it with my whole heart! I say
that in the sacred name of Jesus Christ Amen. 

I am in a new pilot program here that Elder Holland came
up with, i dont have time to go into much detail right now but the idea is you
teach "investigators" aka volunteers the second day you are here. You are
actually giving the lessons to real people by the spirit literaly right when you
get here. I want to testify that it works, there have been times when teaching a
lady named Revi, that a thought or a scripture popped into my head i didnt even
know i knew, and at that second one of my companions would tell her what i just
thought of. Unity in a companionship brings the fullfledged spirit of god.

Funny Story: Elder Akien, my companion, has not gone
number 2 in 6 days! its kinda scary, sun night he was having intense pain in his
abs so we called the front dest at 11:30 and they told us to come up, we got to
leave campus and go to rite aid, and oh my goodness, the real world is such a
blur now, i can't believe how different it is not haveing the constant amazing
spirit with you all the time. Anyway, we buy mirolax and Elder Akien takes it
and nothing happens, all night, we are freaking out we give hima  blessing and
about 25 min later he goes to the bathroom and all of the sudden we here him
screaming with joy, he comes running out holding his pants up screaming "It
Happened, It Happened!!" it was probably the funniest moment of my mission so

Monday, October 11, 2010

First week out

Elder Williamson
 Will entry the Missionary Training Center on October 13, 2010