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Monday, January 31, 2011

January 18,2011

Hey Everyone,

Sorry i didnt e-mail yesterday, it was a crazy day. Elder Jensen took his
Culture day. it was amazing, but more on that later. Last week was interviews
with President Larkin. It was the first one I have had. We talked a lot about
goals and we set a few for me to try and acomplish while on my mission. I am
really starting to love goals, it helps you improve :) Next we had a zone-blitz
in our area. That is where all the missionaries in our zone tract in one area
for a couple of hours. We had no success in finding anyone...... sad :( oh well.
Our mission set a new record of putting 16 people on date for baptism in one
day!!!! WHOO!!! Remember the family we found after taking the wrong bus? Well we
finally got in! We have another lesson tonight and we are planning on extending
the Baptismal commitment the dad actually met with missionaries in the past and
liked it a lot so thats a huge plus!!!


Well guys i have officially been out for 3 months!!! Crazy huh? HAHAHA
anyway, Addie's Baptism is on Friday and she has decided we are giving the talks
again so that should be really really great :) I'm excited. There is a new
investigator we are teaching, her name is Sharon, she is Crazy!! She will get
you to laught within 3 seconds of meeting her, this last time we met she was
wearing a bright green one piece dress thing a graduation gown over it and
monkey slippers hahahaha, she is really really fun. So my bag was taken at
church, there was a family that came in and the parents live on the border of
Canada and they accidently thought it was theres and took it. It had my wallet
Camera and everything in it. Sean Pierson left his scripturs at church and
Harrison, our ride, took them back, we actually ran into that family and i got
my bag back!!!! Amazingly lucky!!! Transfers are this tuesday so i wont e-mail
until then but maybe i will be moved maybe i wont, there is a huge chance, like
85% chance that i will get a new companion so hopefully i get a good one :) I
love you all, until next week!


Elder Trevor Williamson

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