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Monday, January 31, 2011

December 21,2010

Hello everyone!!


Well this last week was pretty great!! How was yours? We just had transfers
and my new zone is great! I have a new District Leader and a new Zone Leader! 
So far things are going great and we probably, not to brag or anything, have the
most united zone in the whole mission! Whoo!!! Since it is close to Christmas,
Exciting! we got to have a Christmas Party. It was half the mission, every zone
was in charge of having a musical number to preform. We chose to sing Away In a
Manger. We split up the zone in two parts and one sang Melody and the other sang
Alto, i sang the alto it was pretty fun! We were the only zone that had any kind
of different parts. At the party they fed us dinner and i ended up sitting at
the Spanish Table. I had no clue what was going on! HAHA They spoke in Spanish
half the time and in English the other half, it was crazy! We also got to watch
a few movies, which were: Mr. Kruger's Christmas, How the Grinch Stole
Christmas, and The Nativity.  Can you guess which one was my favorite? Yep
that's right the Grinch! HAHAHA At our zone meeting the elders from Des
Monies asked for the whole zones help in tracting a street to find two families,
it was section 8 housing and it had about 300 doors. We all split up and had
whats called a Zone-Blitz. It was the most successful Zone-Blitz any Elder has
ever seen. The Des Monies elders ended up with 4 new investigators, 8 lessons, 2
Church tours, and we found both families. Also The Spanish Elders got about 4
Referrals and the Tongan Elders got one!!! Miracles are being poured down on
this mission!!

Some more miracles that are happening to my companion and I all happened on
one day :)

1) The sun was out all day!!!

2) The first door we knocked on was a very promising Potential Investigator
that asked for a Book of Mormon

3) We found a member that just decided he wants to get re-activated in the
church the day before!!

4) We Quadrupled the amount of lessons we usually teach in one day

It's not a lot but it showed me that Gods hand is in what i am doing and
that he is helping us reach our goal of 720 according to our faith.

As i was studying right before bed i was thinking of the Atonement and
about how we can effectively teach the amount of love that God and Jesus
Christ has for us for going through that and giving us this opportunity to
succeed. I thought of a lot and condensed it into one sentence "God's love is
un-comprehendable, but it can be described in one word we will never fully
understand, Atonement."

In my ward we set a goal of baptisms and re-activations for the year 2011.
They came up with 12 baptisms, and 12 re activations, it will be hard work but
it is possible, i hope i will get to find out if they succeed or not :) I had
the best Sacrament meeting anyone has ever been too!!! Ok, probably not, but it
was pretty good :) We had the Christmas Celebration and i had the opportunity to
participate in the Choir, and the Men's Acapella "Quartet." I put that in
quotations because it said quartet on the program but there were 9 members :) We
sang silent night and it sounded so great! I love singing and now i want to
participate in ever Choir i can :) For Christmas we are going to the Pickford's,
a Hawaiian family that is Crazy Fun!!! We are making homemade truffles for them
and they are making prime-rib, turkey, and a Whole pig! (they cook it in the
ground!!!) It will be an awesome christmas! I miss you all and i keep you in my
prayers. I hope you all have a Merry Christmas!!! Also remeber the true meanign
of CHRISTmas, i saw a little statue that said it perfectly, it was of santa
kneeling at the makger with baby Jesus in it. I Love you all and be safe, until
next week!!!!


Much Love,

Elder Trevor Williamson

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