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Sunday, February 20, 2011

February 14,2011

Dear Avid Readers,


     This is week number 13...... I think..... Anyway this week was
amazing! I loved it, one of m favorite weeks so far. As you remember i am in
downtown Seattle, here everyone is in a huge rush to go everywhere, we meet so
so so many new people but no one has the time or even wants to talk to us. Our
average lessons per week is 5 or less. That sounds pathetic, it's because it


     Everything i am wearing, well besides the suit jackets it hug on me
now! haha I could jump out of a plane and be completely ok because i have
parachute pants on! As much as i want them to be they are not in style, darn.
I get some funny looks sometimes but i don't think many people really notice.
Our mission is going through a lot of changes right now, well just one
really, NO MUSIC ALLOWED besides hymns, crazy huh!? well he doesn't restrict the
artists, they just have to be hymns.


     I actually get to go on my first 24 hour Exchange tomorrow, cool huh!?
It's where you go with your district leader and are his companion for 24 hours.
My district leader covers The University 1st ward, i get to proselyte in red
sqaure to college kids all day long!!! Our area has not been doing to well as i
explaned earlier, Elder Bjarnson and I decided to talk to every single person we
see, i mean Everybody! The next day we find someone to teach! his name is Walter
he is homeless, but by choice, he loves it. He thinks the world is against him
and everyone wants to kill him..... he is a little crazy! 


     We decided to drive home one night without the GPS and we turned
onto a one way road, the wrong way. It was so scary, so to get off we turned off
the road onto another one way road hahahaha scary!! We decied to be completley
obedient and we found a new investigators and set up 8 lessons for next week.
Miracles happen to those who obay him! I love you all 

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