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Monday, January 31, 2011

December 14, 2010

Hey Everyone!


This week was pretty great. I loved it. Every Tuesday we have Ward Mission
Correlation Meeting, which is my companion and I at the ward mission leaders
house discussing our week and such. His wife, Sister Every, makes dinner for us.
Last week she made this stir-fry, it was pretty good, it had Tofu, Bachchoy,
Quinoa, peppers, onions, and mushrooms. Apart from the mushrooms it was actually
pretty good :) There was a three day training and i got to go on companion
exchanges for three days. I went with Elder Vang, he is in the Samoan Ward and
he has been out for two more transfers than me. We had a blast, the Samoan
people are so nice!! They all fed us, ya know all that weight i lost? I am
pretty sure i gained it back. :( Anyway, they treat you like a son not a
missionary. We visited some pretty crazy people, there was a guy that told us he
has been to prison many times because of his ex-wife. She would put him in jail,
one of her friends sadi that while he was in jail she would cheat on him. He
told her he was getting out in two weeks but he was really getting out that day.
He went to go see if her friend was telling the truth, she was. All he said was
it was a bloody mess and i went back to jail that day, SCARY!!! On the last day
of exchanges we went to the stake center and another companionship was there
planning so we started talking and we saw a lady walking down the street, Elder
Armstrong and i raced over to try to "convert" her. She was muslim and didnt
care but still it was way fun :)

On the 11th of December i had my first Baptism!!! WHOO!!!!! LeRoy Alexander
was baptized a member of the Chruch of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. It was
great i spoke on the holy ghost and it was the greatest feeling of my
mission............ So far

Transfers were this week i am staying in Beverly Park for another Six
Weeks, With my same companion. I am both excited and not, i wanted to stay but i
wanted to leave, i guess im satying haha. I am a member of our ward choir and
this sunday is the big Christmas Sacrament. Oh! and guess what, i sing tenor
now. All but one song away in a manger is really high so i sing bass. The men
are singing Silent Night accapella and the first verse is in german, it's gonna
be so cool! If i could record it i would.

Here is a little Tid-bit about the recent food i ate. Its called "coco
rice" So Gross, Elder Jensen couldnt even drink it it was so nasty! It is rice
in boiled water and coco beans. thats it you just drink it. Well i thank you for
your thoughts and prayers and letters they make my day :) Love you all!


Elder Trevor Williamson

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