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Monday, January 31, 2011

January 31, 2011

Hey Everyone!!!

 Hey, this week has been Crazy!!! First off, as you all know i didn't get
transfered so i got o saty in my area for longer! My companion's name is Elder
Larson, he is pretty awesome. So wednesday morning we found out there was some
complications with some Elders so Elder Reed (the missionary from Highline
Samoan ward) had to come with us for the rest of the week. So for the week we
had to cover the samoan ward and the Beverly Park Ward. So we drove all over the
mission to just find people that Elder Reed didnt know. So we got nothing really
Saturday we taught Sharon. We put her on date for March 5th!!! Whoo!! she
wants to be baptized beacuse she knows and wants to follow Jesus Christ, she is
amazing. So, i get a call on sunday Morning at 8:00am from the assistants. They
ask me if i can be packed and ready to go monday morning at 11:00 am, i'm
getting transfered. I was so sad, i love this ward so so so so so much! At
church the bishop had me bear my testimony and i almost started crying, i did
cry aftermy last lesson with Cindy and Dennis Clark, we gave Dennis a blessing
and he is just full of faith, he told me "i'll miss you buddy," he is 5 and has
never had a dad, i took it on myself to be there fro him and now i'm leaving,
its so sad. But the lord will provide right? Right!

I will miss the Beverly Park ward dearly, but Seattle north is where i am
now! Elder Bjarnson and I are going to tear it up downtown and turn this area
around, well thats all i have to say right now so........ bye!!! Love you

January 25,2011

Hello Everyone,

Well to start out, Transfers came and went, I got a new Compainon his name
is Elder Larsen, i dont know much about him but he seems really nice and he is
supposed to be a really really hard worker. I am still in my same area! 4 and a
half months in Beverly Park Whoo!!!!! I love this area, i hope to saty here my
whole miss.... well maybe just a year, maybe a year and a half..... Maybe.

So, on the culture day we went to downtown seattle and visited a little old
store called Ye Old Curiosity Shop, they sold the craziest stuff, everything
from jewlry and candy, to shrunken heads and Pertified dog. No joke. We also
went to pikes place market and china town, those stories are for a later date. 

Addie's Baptizm was so perfect!!! she came out of the water with a smile
that can only come from knowing your right with god. She has had a change
wraught in her that only god can bring about. Seeing that makes all the
heartache and struggles so worth it!!! I love my mission and i would have always
regretted it if i didn't go. Not much happened this week, but we have big plans
for this week!! Until next time!


Love you all,

Elder Trevor Williamson

January 18,2011

Hey Everyone,

Sorry i didnt e-mail yesterday, it was a crazy day. Elder Jensen took his
Culture day. it was amazing, but more on that later. Last week was interviews
with President Larkin. It was the first one I have had. We talked a lot about
goals and we set a few for me to try and acomplish while on my mission. I am
really starting to love goals, it helps you improve :) Next we had a zone-blitz
in our area. That is where all the missionaries in our zone tract in one area
for a couple of hours. We had no success in finding anyone...... sad :( oh well.
Our mission set a new record of putting 16 people on date for baptism in one
day!!!! WHOO!!! Remember the family we found after taking the wrong bus? Well we
finally got in! We have another lesson tonight and we are planning on extending
the Baptismal commitment the dad actually met with missionaries in the past and
liked it a lot so thats a huge plus!!!


Well guys i have officially been out for 3 months!!! Crazy huh? HAHAHA
anyway, Addie's Baptism is on Friday and she has decided we are giving the talks
again so that should be really really great :) I'm excited. There is a new
investigator we are teaching, her name is Sharon, she is Crazy!! She will get
you to laught within 3 seconds of meeting her, this last time we met she was
wearing a bright green one piece dress thing a graduation gown over it and
monkey slippers hahahaha, she is really really fun. So my bag was taken at
church, there was a family that came in and the parents live on the border of
Canada and they accidently thought it was theres and took it. It had my wallet
Camera and everything in it. Sean Pierson left his scripturs at church and
Harrison, our ride, took them back, we actually ran into that family and i got
my bag back!!!! Amazingly lucky!!! Transfers are this tuesday so i wont e-mail
until then but maybe i will be moved maybe i wont, there is a huge chance, like
85% chance that i will get a new companion so hopefully i get a good one :) I
love you all, until next week!


Elder Trevor Williamson

January 10,2011

Hello Everyone,


Last preparation day was spent on the crazy island of Vashon, It is it;s
own little world, seriously. Everyone there is pretty much insane, there is one
grocery store, and the place to go is "The Hardware Store" it's a restaurant.
HAHAHA The missionaries there are completely crazy, i love them, every night
they play one game of chess and one game of mental chess, don't ask. When we
went to Vashon we played a four man game of chess, they beat us in like 10 moves
CRAZY!!!! Also on Vashon, there was a guy that hid a bike from his brother in a
tree and apparently forgot where he put it, the tree has grown around it!!! its
so cool!


This week was pretty good, on Monday we went to Applebee's, it felt just
like home :) There is a family in our ward that are the parents of this ward,
they are pretty much related to everyone, they are both in there 90's and have
great great grandchildren all living in this area!! They are the nicest people
ever! There son in law gave them a bunch of books for Christmas, they are all
about death, what!? who gives there parents books about death! Anyone one looks
really good, it's called "Embraced by the light," get it, read it, love it!
There is a lady named Betsey White, she was taught by the missionaries for
years, i mean years! and she never would make a commitment to be baptized, we
went and helped her build a gate, she is really warming up to us so hopefully we
will get her baptized, she could be baptized tomorrow if she wanted! Last
Wednesday we had a Zone meeting and set goals, Our Mission Goal for 2011 is
1,000 convert baptisms!!!! Whoo!!!!! We can do it! Our Zone Goal for January is
25, we are well on track, if every zone got 25 a month, which is do able, we
would make 1,000 look way easy!!!! The lord is ready to bless this mission, but
are we ready? hmmm.......


Well if you didn't know, my knee has been killing me! So i finally went to
the Doctor. I went to a sport injury specialist. They told me after x-rays and
doing crazy things with my legs and stuff that i have a inflamed tendon. It is a
tendon that doesn't even matter and unless it hurts you wouldn't even know its
there. They asked if i want a shot, hahaha Guess what i said, yep your right,
HECK NO!! hahaha. They told me to ice it every night and to use a brace, if that
doesn't work i have to get the shot, if that doesn't work it will be time for
surgery, hopefully the ice just works :)


We went back to the 25 cent thrift store where i got my Echos, well i found
a super nice pair of Bostonians for 25 cents so i bought them! also i bought my
companion a pair of B-E-A-utiful pair of Hugo Boss shoes! I wanted them so bad!
they were size 14. Oh well :) There is a lady in my ward that is
completely crazy but in an awesome way, remember Sister Clark? Well she got her
Grandson, whom she is raising, a Wii. He is literally addicted hahaha he
actually pooped his pants because he had to beat a level hahahaha he is about 7.


Well last time I E-mailed i had two people on date, well Kala fell off :(
She is becoming president of her non-denominational youth group and is to
busy to talk to us, it really stinks. :( God will provide!! Here is something on
a better note, i found $20 on the street!!! hahaha super lucky! Now back to sad
but inspiring, There is a lass active Member in our ward her name is Rachel her
daughter is suffering from kidney failure. Its so bad the doctors said she could
just not wake up one day...... We had a prompting to see her, we went and found
out they found one of her friends that was a match and was going to donate her
kidney, she needed to quit smoking for one year, after six months she was
smoking again :( Then someone died in Idaho that was a donor that matched!!!
They flew it over and it died on the plane. My heart is broken for this family,
i was prompted to share Alma 40: 11 it says the all spirits after they die are
"Taken home to that God who game them life." Her sister is going to donate but
she has to wait one year after having children, she will be ready soon, i hope
that she will be able to recover soon. After all that Rachel still wakes up
every morning and thanks God for everything she has and for watching out for her
daughter. Rachel is the example we should base our laves after, she even with
her trials accepts God knows best and no matter what happens He is there and He
will carry her through.


I love you all.

Elder Trevor Williamson

January 3, 2011

Hey Everyone, 

So first off, do you all remember Nanny Bea? The really old, crazy, Jewish
lady? well if not, that's her. Yesterday was fast Sunday and she bore her
testimony. After she came down and hugged and kissed Elder Jensen and I,
SICK!!!! hahahaha. It was so hilarious, also today for preparation day we are
spending it on Vashon Island :) Cool huh?

New Years was pretty normal, it was a normal proselyting day and the night
before we spent the time at Alfredo's ( a recent converts) playing games and
eating, we had a lesson of course :) One of my biggest fears of going on a
mission was the homesickness, and most of you already know that. I was bearing
my testimony and the thought came to me, i never knew why God left me in this
area for two transfers, everyone moves after there first, but i know now. God
knows me and he knows my weaknesses, he know how i would feel the moment i hung
up the phone on Christmas day, so he left me here so i would be away from my
family but not be without family. The members here have taken me in as there own
and i love them so much!!! i want to stay here my whole mission!!! Here is a fun
fact: I took a seattle trivia quiz for seattlites and the average score is 15
out of 21, i got 11 correct!!! 

Addie and Kala are on track for Baptism on the 22nd of January!!! Addie,
herself, made a quit smoking plan without us even asking her, cool huh? she is
ready and willing to change her life, a little uneasy but it will come :)There
is a lady who's husband is active and she is not. She swore she would never come
back to church in her life we visited them almost weekly but she still refused,
we were ready t give up. We tried one more time. With the spirit guiding us she
agreed to three consecutive sacrament meeting and if she sees a change in her
life/attitude, she will come back!!!!!!!!!! Whoo!!!!!!! the Spirit rules. 

My knee has been killing me so I finally called Sister Larkin (the medical
person) and she got me an appointment for the 5th with a specialist, she put me
on 800mg of Ibproufen three times a day and it doesnt help at all...... i dont
know whats up ut hopefully nothing to serious. 

Remeber Edmund, the guy that dropped us by handing us the Book of Mormon
through the door and said he couldnt understand? Well we were prompted to go see
him and he came to church!!! he said he enjoyed it and that he "has a long way
to go" i wonder what he ment, but we are getting him a large print Book of
mormon and hopefully it works out. I love you all and thank you so so so so so
much fro your prayers and all your gifts those that sent them :)


Until next week,

Elder Trevor Williamson


December 27,201

Hey everyone, this week was most excellent!!! Also kind of really sad, how
you might ask? well read on my friends, read on. It all started on a cold,
dark, wet, and rainy day in Seattle. I don't know what I'm even going to talk
about first, all i know is that it was a cold, dark, wet, and rainy day in


LeRoy Alexander, my first convert, was having a bit of a hard time this
Christmas because he needed to move out of the place he was staying by the 1st
and his plans for Christmas fell through. He and his wife were going to go down
to the food bank to get Christmas dinner because they had nothing to eat. The
Relief Society president called us and asked if we had someone we wanted to give
an extra 12 lb turkey to. Yes!!!! God provides for his children, they have no
clue where that extra turkey came from but it went to good use. 


Christmas Eve we went to the Beck's, one of my most favorite families I've
met on my mission so far   We went caroling and she
gave us so many presents, they are way too nice, seriously. She hand knit us
stockings and filled them ( they are extra large stockings ) On Christmas Day we
went to the Pickford's, a Hawaiian family in our ward, we had an authentic luau.
We had turkey, kalua pig, coconut rolls (my favorite thing ever), prime rib, and
so much more!!!   Thank you so much all of you that sent me letters
or packages, it means so much and i wish i could express the amount of gratitude
i have for each one of you. Thank you. I did get one package that
was.........lets say unsatisfactory......... It was a prank package from someone
names Hugh Jass (HAHA)  it was supposed to explode with goldfish whales when i
opened it, dont worry i'm smarter than that and it didnt but it was stil mean


Addie and Kala were supposed to be baptized on the 28th of december, they
fell off date.

We have not been able to get a hold of them since the 24th and they did not
show up to church. There will not be a baptism for beverly park on


Much Love, Elder Trevor Williamson 

December 21,2010

Hello everyone!!


Well this last week was pretty great!! How was yours? We just had transfers
and my new zone is great! I have a new District Leader and a new Zone Leader! 
So far things are going great and we probably, not to brag or anything, have the
most united zone in the whole mission! Whoo!!! Since it is close to Christmas,
Exciting! we got to have a Christmas Party. It was half the mission, every zone
was in charge of having a musical number to preform. We chose to sing Away In a
Manger. We split up the zone in two parts and one sang Melody and the other sang
Alto, i sang the alto it was pretty fun! We were the only zone that had any kind
of different parts. At the party they fed us dinner and i ended up sitting at
the Spanish Table. I had no clue what was going on! HAHA They spoke in Spanish
half the time and in English the other half, it was crazy! We also got to watch
a few movies, which were: Mr. Kruger's Christmas, How the Grinch Stole
Christmas, and The Nativity.  Can you guess which one was my favorite? Yep
that's right the Grinch! HAHAHA At our zone meeting the elders from Des
Monies asked for the whole zones help in tracting a street to find two families,
it was section 8 housing and it had about 300 doors. We all split up and had
whats called a Zone-Blitz. It was the most successful Zone-Blitz any Elder has
ever seen. The Des Monies elders ended up with 4 new investigators, 8 lessons, 2
Church tours, and we found both families. Also The Spanish Elders got about 4
Referrals and the Tongan Elders got one!!! Miracles are being poured down on
this mission!!

Some more miracles that are happening to my companion and I all happened on
one day :)

1) The sun was out all day!!!

2) The first door we knocked on was a very promising Potential Investigator
that asked for a Book of Mormon

3) We found a member that just decided he wants to get re-activated in the
church the day before!!

4) We Quadrupled the amount of lessons we usually teach in one day

It's not a lot but it showed me that Gods hand is in what i am doing and
that he is helping us reach our goal of 720 according to our faith.

As i was studying right before bed i was thinking of the Atonement and
about how we can effectively teach the amount of love that God and Jesus
Christ has for us for going through that and giving us this opportunity to
succeed. I thought of a lot and condensed it into one sentence "God's love is
un-comprehendable, but it can be described in one word we will never fully
understand, Atonement."

In my ward we set a goal of baptisms and re-activations for the year 2011.
They came up with 12 baptisms, and 12 re activations, it will be hard work but
it is possible, i hope i will get to find out if they succeed or not :) I had
the best Sacrament meeting anyone has ever been too!!! Ok, probably not, but it
was pretty good :) We had the Christmas Celebration and i had the opportunity to
participate in the Choir, and the Men's Acapella "Quartet." I put that in
quotations because it said quartet on the program but there were 9 members :) We
sang silent night and it sounded so great! I love singing and now i want to
participate in ever Choir i can :) For Christmas we are going to the Pickford's,
a Hawaiian family that is Crazy Fun!!! We are making homemade truffles for them
and they are making prime-rib, turkey, and a Whole pig! (they cook it in the
ground!!!) It will be an awesome christmas! I miss you all and i keep you in my
prayers. I hope you all have a Merry Christmas!!! Also remeber the true meanign
of CHRISTmas, i saw a little statue that said it perfectly, it was of santa
kneeling at the makger with baby Jesus in it. I Love you all and be safe, until
next week!!!!


Much Love,

Elder Trevor Williamson

December 14, 2010

Hey Everyone!


This week was pretty great. I loved it. Every Tuesday we have Ward Mission
Correlation Meeting, which is my companion and I at the ward mission leaders
house discussing our week and such. His wife, Sister Every, makes dinner for us.
Last week she made this stir-fry, it was pretty good, it had Tofu, Bachchoy,
Quinoa, peppers, onions, and mushrooms. Apart from the mushrooms it was actually
pretty good :) There was a three day training and i got to go on companion
exchanges for three days. I went with Elder Vang, he is in the Samoan Ward and
he has been out for two more transfers than me. We had a blast, the Samoan
people are so nice!! They all fed us, ya know all that weight i lost? I am
pretty sure i gained it back. :( Anyway, they treat you like a son not a
missionary. We visited some pretty crazy people, there was a guy that told us he
has been to prison many times because of his ex-wife. She would put him in jail,
one of her friends sadi that while he was in jail she would cheat on him. He
told her he was getting out in two weeks but he was really getting out that day.
He went to go see if her friend was telling the truth, she was. All he said was
it was a bloody mess and i went back to jail that day, SCARY!!! On the last day
of exchanges we went to the stake center and another companionship was there
planning so we started talking and we saw a lady walking down the street, Elder
Armstrong and i raced over to try to "convert" her. She was muslim and didnt
care but still it was way fun :)

On the 11th of December i had my first Baptism!!! WHOO!!!!! LeRoy Alexander
was baptized a member of the Chruch of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. It was
great i spoke on the holy ghost and it was the greatest feeling of my
mission............ So far

Transfers were this week i am staying in Beverly Park for another Six
Weeks, With my same companion. I am both excited and not, i wanted to stay but i
wanted to leave, i guess im satying haha. I am a member of our ward choir and
this sunday is the big Christmas Sacrament. Oh! and guess what, i sing tenor
now. All but one song away in a manger is really high so i sing bass. The men
are singing Silent Night accapella and the first verse is in german, it's gonna
be so cool! If i could record it i would.

Here is a little Tid-bit about the recent food i ate. Its called "coco
rice" So Gross, Elder Jensen couldnt even drink it it was so nasty! It is rice
in boiled water and coco beans. thats it you just drink it. Well i thank you for
your thoughts and prayers and letters they make my day :) Love you all!


Elder Trevor Williamson


Sorry to all of Elder Trevor Williamson follower.  His dad is the one keeping the blogg up. I have extemely busy with work and the hollidays, have not kept it up date. So here we go try to up date all of his letters to home