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Monday, January 31, 2011

January 3, 2011

Hey Everyone, 

So first off, do you all remember Nanny Bea? The really old, crazy, Jewish
lady? well if not, that's her. Yesterday was fast Sunday and she bore her
testimony. After she came down and hugged and kissed Elder Jensen and I,
SICK!!!! hahahaha. It was so hilarious, also today for preparation day we are
spending it on Vashon Island :) Cool huh?

New Years was pretty normal, it was a normal proselyting day and the night
before we spent the time at Alfredo's ( a recent converts) playing games and
eating, we had a lesson of course :) One of my biggest fears of going on a
mission was the homesickness, and most of you already know that. I was bearing
my testimony and the thought came to me, i never knew why God left me in this
area for two transfers, everyone moves after there first, but i know now. God
knows me and he knows my weaknesses, he know how i would feel the moment i hung
up the phone on Christmas day, so he left me here so i would be away from my
family but not be without family. The members here have taken me in as there own
and i love them so much!!! i want to stay here my whole mission!!! Here is a fun
fact: I took a seattle trivia quiz for seattlites and the average score is 15
out of 21, i got 11 correct!!! 

Addie and Kala are on track for Baptism on the 22nd of January!!! Addie,
herself, made a quit smoking plan without us even asking her, cool huh? she is
ready and willing to change her life, a little uneasy but it will come :)There
is a lady who's husband is active and she is not. She swore she would never come
back to church in her life we visited them almost weekly but she still refused,
we were ready t give up. We tried one more time. With the spirit guiding us she
agreed to three consecutive sacrament meeting and if she sees a change in her
life/attitude, she will come back!!!!!!!!!! Whoo!!!!!!! the Spirit rules. 

My knee has been killing me so I finally called Sister Larkin (the medical
person) and she got me an appointment for the 5th with a specialist, she put me
on 800mg of Ibproufen three times a day and it doesnt help at all...... i dont
know whats up ut hopefully nothing to serious. 

Remeber Edmund, the guy that dropped us by handing us the Book of Mormon
through the door and said he couldnt understand? Well we were prompted to go see
him and he came to church!!! he said he enjoyed it and that he "has a long way
to go" i wonder what he ment, but we are getting him a large print Book of
mormon and hopefully it works out. I love you all and thank you so so so so so
much fro your prayers and all your gifts those that sent them :)


Until next week,

Elder Trevor Williamson


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