Monday, July 9, 2012

July 9th Post

Hello everyone!!

This week was great!! We were given the command to baptize 3 people this past weekend, we failed, but experienced one of the biggest miracles of our lives!! I will try to explain the whole story. We felt prompted to go and try to baptize an 8 yr old kid who is at the vivaos (recent convert family) some weekends and comes to church often. We had no clue where he lives or who his parents were, but we know that they were not members. We drove to the Viva's and Sonny was there! We asked him if he wanted to be baptized today and he said yes, we continued to ask him where he lived and if he knew his moms phone number and stuff like that. All the info we got was that she lived on Holly St in south Seattle and she drives a dark red Durango. We drove up and down holly st 2 times and found nothing. At this point it is around 12pm and our baptism is at 2. We decide that we need some more info from sonny so we head back down to the vivao's when Elder Barnett gets in a turn lane when he is not supposed to, he quickly catches it and gets out of that lane and we ended up right behind a dark red durango. We, with all the faith we possessed decided to follow it. We followed it for 6 or 7 miles all the way down to the wal-mart in Downtown Renton. As we get out i grabbed a blank baptismal record just in case and we ran to the car. We get there and she rolls down the window and we introduce ourselves and she says,"your mormons right?" "yes we are," we reply, "how do you know us?" She then tell us how her aunt june vivao and her family just got baptized and we just beamed haha!! We talked about sonny and how much he loves church and challenged her to let him be baptized that day at 2pm, she thought on it for a minute, (longest minute of my life!) and then agreed!!! I pulled out the baptismal record and she signed it right there!!! We ran and drove as fast as the law would allow back to the vivao's and sonny had been picked up by his grandma and was gone. We drove to the grandmas house and they were no where to be found. Frantically we drove back to walmart to see if the mam was still there and she was, she called the grandma and the grandma said they already had plans and that sonny would not be able to be baptized that day. It was very dissapointing but the mother said that she would keep the 14th of July completely open for sonny to be baptized!!! every minute of that entire morning was guided by the spirit, i am not sure why he didn't get baptized, but he will next weekend!!

We did however have some great baptisms this weekend! Her are some pictures hope you enjoy!!! :)  

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