Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Hi Everyone!!

Hi Everyone!!
This week has been great! There were so many miracles!!! There is a ward in the zone that was going to have two baptisms this weekend, two young brothers who were blessed to learn and grow together in the gospel. A week ago i was privilages to interview these two young men and they were solid!! They loved the gospel and everything they were learning, as we call it here they were "Golden." Saturday came and the younger one, carlos, decided he didnt want to be baptized because he was scared of the water. Later on that day he came to the missionaries and asked if he could get baptized, so two hours later he was baptized!! My companion and i were privilaged to go and the most amazing and incredible part of this baptism was when carlos came out, his brother hugged him, asked him how he felt, and told him he would always be there for him, both these boys are younger than 12 and it was teh most amazign thing ever!! There was no program, no special musical number, no talks, not even an opening prayer, but, it was one of the most spiritual baptisms i have ever been to. What a blessing!!!

Another miracle that happened was that George Commodore in Skyway was finally baptized!!! WHOO!!! We have been working with him since the first week i arrived in the skyway ward. Through a lot of trial and prayer, we finally got him baptized!! The look on his face as his recent convert friend Ricky pulled him out of the water was priceless!! He knows this is ture and for the first time in his life he has the courage to face life without fear!!

One of the strongest spiritual manifestations of the holy ghost happened this week as well. We had a leadership training meeting this last friday at the renton stake center. At the same time the renton stake was putting on a Missionary training two day event. Because we were there we were able to participate in som eof that and teach with these wonderful youth ages 16-22. We all gathered in the chapel to hear a talk by out mission president on the love of God and the Doctrine of Christ, the missionaries sat on the sides of the chapel and the youth in the middle. President Larkin was speaking and he had the youth open to page 1 of Preach My Gospel, he than said "Missionaries of the Washington Seattle mission please stand." we all stood, he then said, "Washingotn Seattle Mission, what is your purpose?" In one voice the leaders of our mission stated  our purpose and the spirit flooded the room, tears were rolling, hearts were burning, and hopes and spirits were high. Gods work is the work we are all engaged in and he is at the head of it!! I will never forget that experice and it will sustain me for life! I love you all!!

Elder Trevor Williamson  

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