Tuesday, July 31, 2012


This week has truly been a week of miracles!! Yes, it was coupled with difficult trials, but those fade away in the background of my mind as i view this past week. In June of 2011 Our mission president, President Larkin challenged the mission to baptize 100 souls in one month. Up until this week we had, as a mission baptized 55 people. We needed 45 more to reach our goal. The mission has never, as far as our records go back, baptized 45 people in one weekend before. We were determined to do so!! the mission had 38 solid people to be baptized so we needed 7 more. We had two people on date for this weeked who were looking good to be baptized. This past Sunday a man named Thomas walked into church. He happened to run into the bishop and asked how he could be a part of this church. We taught him and he said that he had been baptized a member in L.A. a couple of years ago and he wanted his non-member wife and son to be baptized. We set up an appointment with him to meet and teach his family and talked to the ward clerk about getting his records here we find out that he has no records and if he was baptized it wasn't recorded so he would need to be re-baptized. We went to our lesson and committed him to baptism for this weekend!!!!(this was on Tuesday) :) We go back on Thursday and we found out he would not be able to be baptized on Saturday because he was going to be in Everett for work all day, after a long pause we asked him if we could baptize him that night, he thought for a few moments and he said YES!!!!! WHOO!!! :) :) :) That night Thomas Johnson was baptized!!! Our on dates for Saturday was Zenaida, she, on Thursday completely backed out and refused to be baptized. We went back on Friday and taught a powerful lesson on baptism and the atonement of Christ and she agreed to be baptized the next day!! That night she passed her interview and everything was amazing!!! We called her Saturday morning to let her know who was picking her up and she dropped us..... she had called her family to invite them to her baptism and they talked her out of it to the point that she refuses to talk to us, and swares she will never let a Mormon into her house again. What i learned from this experience is that Satan is real and he is powerful :( We also had a baptism planned for Sunday evening, His name is Michael, he works on a merchant ship and will be shipped out to sea soon so we need to get him baptized before he leaves. He got off work at 5pm and his baptism was at 7pm. As he was leaving the ship, some kind of machine on the ship broke and he had to stay and fix it so he was not baptized either...... However, The other set of elders in our ward had a HUGE MIRACLE and baptized a lady this last  Sunday at 7pm to take the place of Michael. At this point i am not sure how many people were baptized in the mission, i pray that it was 100, but if not we still have tomorrow!!! God will allow us to achieve this if we have faith, as in all things in life, faith proceeds the miracle and the miracle always comes just in time. I love you all so much and thank for you for your prayers and support!!! Talk to you later!! 
Elder Trevor Williamson 

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