Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Hello Everyone!!

Hello Everyone!!
Today is an amazing day in the Washington Seattle Mission!!! We have been trying for two years to get 100 baptism in one month. President Larkin has promised that when we do he will climb Mt. Si and plant our ensign to the nations!! We are in the best place ever to do so!! God has blessed us and refined us in the furnace of affliction and humbled us enough and chastened us enough that we are humble before god and are willing to change and become a new mission!! I just can't wait for this month!!! We had a zone meeting just the other day and we introduced a plan called the "REN-TEN" The idea is that the renton stake will find at least 10 people a day that would accept a baptismal date and agree to read, pray, and come to church. If we can do that we will go places we have never ever been before!! We will have 70 new on dates a week and even if only 15% of those people get baptized (which is lower than the average) we as a stake with help over 50 people come into this gospel, repent of their sins, and find true and lasting happiness!!!! I am so excited to go out everyday because i trust that this idea is the mind and will of God and that he will place those people who will progress in our path so we can help them return to God one day!!
We had a mission fast from Wednesday afternoon to Thursday afternoon. At the end of the fast President Larkin challenged the mission to put 100 people on date for baptism!!! The most we ever had in one day in the history of our mission was 86. We as a mission went out in faith and found 100 people exactly and placed them on date for baptism!!!! GOD IS AMAZING!!!! I cant imagine how happy God was when he was able to place 100 of his children in our path and had them prepared to accept the challenge to change their life and be baptized!!! I love this gospel and this work and i know that this email seemed a lot like a bunch of numbers but just know that every number represents a person and that person by accepting the commitments we leave with them is beginning to repent and the heavens are rejoicing!!

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