Wednesday, June 20, 2012


This week has been a great week! We have been struggling to find people who are willing to change. God has led us to a lot of people who have a desire to change but don't have the strength or drive to do so. It had been very frustrating but we still go on! This transfer the lord decided to bless us with two more elders in our ward. Skyway B has arrived!! The elder's names are Elder Jensen and Elder HIll. The live with us and it has been a big change living with two more Elders, lets just say there is ALWAYS dirty dishes hahaha. At least we have two bathrooms haha. God has blessed this mission so much! We have come so far! In the last 12 months we as a mission have baptized 800 people, that is more than the mission has ever donr before! Ourt mission is becoming a holy mission, we are focusing on cleasing and purifying our lives to be worthy of the spirit 100% of the time. We have been teaching a Samoan guy named George Commador. He is fully prepared, living all the commandments, and coming to church, but just wouldnt ever get baptized, we were stumped. we sent the Skyway B elder over there and they put him on date for tis saturday!!!!!!!!! WHOO!!!! There is also a man names shawn, he is the bishops nephew, he has come to church the past 5 weeks in a row, we have taught him once. When we taught him last week we gave him a chapter in Alma to read. He came to us at church and he asked us "When can I be Baptized?" God is preparing all of his children to return and live with him!! God loves us all and wants us to be with him! I know that this is Gods work and that he did restore his church to the earth, Joseph Smith is a prophet and teh Book fo Mormon is a pure source of revelation on the earth!! I am so excited and I Love you all so much!! Bye!!
Elder Trevor Williamson

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