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Saturday, May 12, 2012


Hello Everyone!!!!

I had a truly amazing experience this week!!! Elder Christoffel Golden of the quorum of the 70 did a mission tour of the Washington Seattle Mission!!! He had a zone conference held and we had the privilege of spending 7 hours with a chosen vessel of the lord!! he spoke of a lot of things including how to purify your life more fully and why teaching the Doctrine of Christ as a stepping stone rather than a focus is so important. After the zone conference and the leadership training I was selected to have a 1-on-1 interview with him. It was incredible!!! He shared with me things that are very sacred and there was a moment when we were leaving that he shook my hand pulled me in and hugged me. Then he looked into my eyes and searched my soul and received direct revelation and prophesied of aspects of my life!! It was a HUGE testimony builder of the truthfulness of this Church and that revelation does exist today because he said things that i have been promised before and this was the first time he met me!! AMAZING!!! :)
Tiffany Campbell was also baptized and confirmed this weekend!! The ward, in particular, two sisters wrapped her in the arms of love and made it possible for her to overcome many addictions and bad habits she has done her whole life and remarkably she was baptized in just over 3 weeks, fully committed and converted to the gospel of Jesus Christ!! Truly a miracle only God could preform!!
This transfer was awesome because we are in a Tri-panionship!! (there is 3 of us) Elder Johnson is going home in June, this is his last transfer and he had been struggling a bit. Something happened to him and he is the most motivated, inspired, and inspiring missionary i have served around in my whole mission!!! For Example: We don't run from door to door anymore, we sprint. We were tracting an apartment building and there was an apartment building next to the one we were in and we were separated by a parking lot. There was a lady who came out on her balcony of the apartment building next to ours. Elder Johnson looked and her for a while and then walked over to the balcony of the apartment building we were in and yelled "we are missionaries and we teach about Jesus Christ, can we come over and teach you!?" She stared for a few min and then motioned him over. We finished the door we were knocking and ran down to the parking lot of the apartments there were two people in the parking lot so Elder Barnett and I each talked to one of them and Elder Johnson ran to a 6 foot wooden fence and with the help of a rock wall jumped over it and ran to teach this lady he had yelled at. By the time Elder Barnett and I hopped the fence and ran up to him it was dead silent and she was crying, she needed God at that moment and Elder Johnson heeded the call, she is a new investigator and we will be teaching her on Friday!!  
I love you all!!!
Elder Trevor Williamson

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  1. I can not express these feelings and moments that I spent in missionary training center with words .... not at all!