Tuesday, May 1, 2012


So this week is going to be crazy!!! Today was transfers and I got a new companion!! Except the really cool part is that i am still with Elder Barnett as well!!! His name is Elder Johnson, this is his last transfer on his mission. He has served in the Skyway ward before so it is a HUGE answer to prayer :) We met with our ward mission leader and he is very excited for the directionwe want to take the missionary work in skyway because it is exactly the same way he wants to take it!! Skyway a couple of months ago, probably around 6 or so exploded and it has 29 new converts within 6 months!!! All of them are very new and has a lot of needs that need to be filled. Skyway is an amazing ward but struggles in some areas. One of them is having enough active members to give rides to all these converts. Its not the wards faukt at all, they are great its just a very difficult situation. So, we have decided, instead of going to the transit center and tracting all day long, we are going to focus on rebuilding the ward and re-activation as well. Our mission goal of 100 baptisms in april was not reached.... we as a mission got 80, which is the 2nd best month in our missions history!!! We as a mission are determined to get 100 in may!!! With the determination we have and the spirit Elder Golden will bring on friday we will reach it, i just know it!!! 
So, something interesting about this area, there is a huge transit center for all the metro busses right in the middle of our area and there are TONS of people there all day long!! The reason skyway exploded 6 months ago was because the missionaries decided to stay and talk to people pretty much all day long as long as they didnt have a lesson. I am very scared and nervous to talk to people,so when i went there my first time i was litterally shaking in my boots, or suit hahahaha :) I have been there 3 times and seen no success because i am so scared!! We went the other day and i decided to just go and do and nephi put it. i found a man named butch and taught him (oh and by the way we are alone while there, we split up) it was lesson unlike anyother i have taught. I literally, by the spirit cried repentance!! I told him what he needed to change in his life to be happier and to be closer to God then challenged him to do it and get baptized!! He said he would on June 2nd and we are meeting with him tomorrow!!!
We have 5 baptisms lined up that are pretty solid in May and it will be a great month with very solid converts who want to contribute and be a part of the gospel and not just take from the gospel. Our ward mission leader said something pretty profound the other day, he said when the savior comes again he wont go to Mercer Island, He will come to Skyway. Despite my love for mercer island it hit me very hard and i love the people here!! It may be ruff and scary and people can be very very very dark and mean, but this is where the gospel of Jesus Christ takes action, this is where it changes lives and i have already seen it!!!
I love you all so much!!! There is so much to tell you all but not enough time to tell it!! thank you for all you do!!!
Elder Trevor Williamson 

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