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Monday, February 21, 2011

February 21, 2011

 This week was the most amazing week of my mission so far!! Miracle after
miracle after miracle has been happening! On Tuesday morning we get a call from
our zone leaders, they tell us that they have been praying and they feel like we
can put someone on date for Baptism today, we were excited and determined to
work hard. Later that morning, we recived a call from President Larkin promising
us that we can put someone on date for baptism, by that time were were so
excited and so inspired, we were going to do everything we could to put someone
on date that day. To top it all off we recieved a very similar call from the
Assistants telling us the same thing!!!! We knew this was going to happen and
that the lord was going to bless us. We did everything we could. We found a girl
that let us teach her, we committed her to Baptism, she declined she said she
would call us later to learn more. There was a potential Elder Bjarnson
remebered about and we decied to go and see her. She told us to teach her
daughter, she is now a new investigator and we are planning on teaching her and
her mother next week! A less-active member called and invited us to dinner and
said she was bringing 2 non-members for us to teach, we were so excited!!! We
had already planned on going on exchanges so i left and apparently that lesson
didnt go very well. The next day we were bummed, we felt like failures. We were
givin this amazing promise and we didnt accomplish it. President Larkin, you
called us that morning and renewed our faith by telling us they are still out
there. We planned a whole day of finding, and at 8:00pm we actually planned as a
back-up plan a miracle. We were conatcting and we needed to make a pit-stop, so
we headed over to the church, Elder Bjarnson looked at me and said "it's 7:30
and we havent found someone, what are we going to do?" I said we should kneel
and pray. We went to the chapel and i gave the most heartfelt and sincere prayer
i have ever givin. I was in tears pleading with my father in heaven to bless us
with this miracle. I felt impressed to go to Nishani and Sean's house. We found
them while contacting about 2 weeks ago. We rushed over there. We were able to
put them on date for March 19th. My testimony of prayer has increased so much! I
have learned to never give up and to always be believing, this is how i know
that this is God work, because he is willing to help us when we ask. 
Not much else has hapened this week, we did recieve a referral to a family
that the husband took lessons and the only eason he is not Baptized is because
he was living with his ex, but now he is not and we are going to put him on date
tomorrow!!! My missionis so awesome!!! Thanks for everything everyone does for
me and the prayers on my behalf! I love you all and hopefully talk to you all
next week!

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