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Monday, October 18, 2010

First Week at the MTC.

I have not recieved a letter yet. its kinda sad, but its ok. Can you go on to
facebook and tell everyone to use it gets here the next day and i want to know
who wants me to write them. i would love to get letters as well as emails from
you and the family. The food here is..... well interesting. It feels like you
ate a mountain of food even if you only ate a few things. I have heard they want
to fatten you up before you go so i think they fill it with starch. I actually
have two companions there names are Elder Aiken he is from sandy ut and Elder
Mcclellan he is from illinois. they are like my best friends!!! i love our
district as well there are two other elders and another tripanionship of
sisters. Everyone in my district had recieved letters except me, so the sisters
wrote me, they are so amazing. I dont need anything but i would love for you to
send me a pakage of some kind just so i can reuse the box to send some stuff
back or to the mission home. I miss you guys but our days are so packed that i
don't really have time to think about it so its kind of nice.

I have learned so much i cant even come close to typing it
all, and i only get thirty minuets. My companions and I have been here for four
full days, we have been called to be the zone leaders. We are now in charge of
three districts and welcoming and teaching the new elders commin in every
week. It is terrifying, i was really thinking that i could not do this and that
i would have to come home, i got on my knees and prayed, well pleaded with my
heavenly father to help me change and be the missionary that he wants me to be.
That next day our Branch presidency taught us, the 1st councilor said that god
called us just the way we are, with all of our past included. I am here because
god wants me here. he also said "can you should've yesterday today?" Everynight
pray to god and ask him to accept your day as the best you could do. You might
think that its not the best you can do, but its all you did! you can't change
yetserday. People keep all thier attention on trying to change what has already
happend. You will be suprised how easy god will accept the things you have done
if you ask him to help you, not this person you want to become, but you if you
can improve tomorrow. I belive that and testify of it with my whole heart! I say
that in the sacred name of Jesus Christ Amen. 

I am in a new pilot program here that Elder Holland came
up with, i dont have time to go into much detail right now but the idea is you
teach "investigators" aka volunteers the second day you are here. You are
actually giving the lessons to real people by the spirit literaly right when you
get here. I want to testify that it works, there have been times when teaching a
lady named Revi, that a thought or a scripture popped into my head i didnt even
know i knew, and at that second one of my companions would tell her what i just
thought of. Unity in a companionship brings the fullfledged spirit of god.

Funny Story: Elder Akien, my companion, has not gone
number 2 in 6 days! its kinda scary, sun night he was having intense pain in his
abs so we called the front dest at 11:30 and they told us to come up, we got to
leave campus and go to rite aid, and oh my goodness, the real world is such a
blur now, i can't believe how different it is not haveing the constant amazing
spirit with you all the time. Anyway, we buy mirolax and Elder Akien takes it
and nothing happens, all night, we are freaking out we give hima  blessing and
about 25 min later he goes to the bathroom and all of the sudden we here him
screaming with joy, he comes running out holding his pants up screaming "It
Happened, It Happened!!" it was probably the funniest moment of my mission so

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