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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

November 15,2010

There is this black guy we are teaching named Leroy. He wanted to start his
own church. He seriously knows the Bible backward and frontwards. We started
teaching him and he loves the Book of Mormon! I committed him to be baptized on
December 4th!!!! WHOOOO!!!!! hahaha my companion and I have a goal of ten
baptisms by the end of the year. We have at least ten we are working on so i
really really think we can do it!! We found four new investigators this last
week!!! The work is going great, i am trying to write you a hand written letter
but i never have time, don't worry ill get too lol. There are literally crazies
here! haha our ward it literally insane. We have three people passing the
sacrament but there are over 500 people in the ward. only like 22% show up, we
have a lot of work here. I am in a bus area. so when we go to a place called
white center to street contact there are drunks, prostitutes, and homeless
people. They all except for the prostitutes yell at us to come over and pray for
them, we try to teach them but they are way too wasted. There is a huge
diversity here and all of them are just scraping by. It is a very humbling place
and those people who are willing to literally give everything to the church are
amazing i cant imagine how much they must love the lord. I love my Mission!!!!!
seriously there have been times i really wanted to go home but i know I'm
supposed to be here and that god is with me.


I have had things yelled at me and i have been flipped of and the door
slammed and almost everything, but its worth it. We stopped by a members house
named Rachel. Her daughter is apparently waiting for a kidney transplant and is
having a really tough time with faith. We didn't know and something told us to
go there. After we taught out of Moroni 7 (we had no clue what to teach so we
just pulled that out) before we left she said that she was depressed and that we
came the exact moment before she did something drastic. We taught about faith
and about trails of faith and by faith miracles are wrought. it was an eye
opener that God is truly with us and that we are continuing Christ's earthly
ministry through us.


There is so much i wanna say but i can't think right now!! I miss you all
and love you. The little things in life are what bring us closer to God and i
know that now more than ever. Prayer is amazing and it really works! God is
listening and willing to help us with anything we ask if its righteous


Much Love,

Elder Trevor Williamson

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