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Monday, November 8, 2010

Nov. 08,2010

As you know i am in Seattle now and it's well..... interesting. I am in an
area called Beverly Park, It is the "Ghetto" of Seattle. There is everything you
could ever think of here, drugs, prostitutes, drunks, homeless, and just plain
wierd people. Don't get me wrong there is a ton of great people here lol you
just have to weed out the wierdies. It's really interesting being on a mission.
it's a whole lot different then what i am used too, or what i to be. All you do period is preach!
talking to people on the street is so fun but so so so scary! We talked to this
on guy that was literally ridiculous!! He talked for literally 25 min without
taking a breath. He was going everywhere he went from he is from the Hershey
family so i am rich to i am getting married to a black woman, Also he told us he
spent 12 days in prison recently for telling a woman he will kill her if she
didn't preform in bed, he acted like it wasn't a big deal and it happens to
everyone!!! He then spoke about mother earth and father sky and about how he had
an amazing spiritual experience that changed his life, so hoping to squeeze some
doctrine in we asked him what it was. He said it happened for about 30 seconds
while he was making love on alcci beach 11 miles south of the statue of liberty
or somethinfg like that!!! HAHAHAHA. He was literally insane!! 


My companion and trainer is named Elder Jensen, he has been out for almost
19 months and has spent the last 5 transfers (a transfer is a 6 week period of
time) in Beverly Park. He is super tall, 6'8" and totally buff!! He is pretty
intimidating so its hard to teach people that don't know us haha. but he is
an amazing teacher and full of the spirit so i am learning well. There are about
5 main ethnicity's here in this are: Cambodian, Vietnamese, Arab, black, and
Eritrean. Elder Jensen is from Utah!! His family is from pasen! 


Guess What!?  I am loosing so so so much weight!! It's so crazy i love
it!! The new food i have tried is Pho (FUH) is a Vietnamese noodle soup. the
first time i had it it was so nasty! it had UN peeled shrimp, beef balls, pretty
much grass, and Tripe or beef stomach. EWWWW lol when it was over i swore i
would never eat it again, well we went to a members house and asked what we were
having, guess what she said, yep you got it Pho, but it didn't have beef balls
or tripe just the other stuff so it was more enjoyable, kind of.


I miss you and love you and you are in my prayers everyday. Every time i
get a thought of coming home i think of how much is blessing your lives and also
mine. It has been hard and people cancel or just dont care about the message,
its so discouraging, 

I just wanna yell at them and tell them that your salvation is on the line
here!!!!!! but i can't. The lord is with me more than he ever has been and i am
relying on him for almost everything. It's so humbling to be out here, i wish i
would have lived my earlier life as humble as the people here, most of them have
nothing, but they give everything. Everyone remeber don't be a shoulda woulda
coulda person, be that person that goes to be everynight and asks God to accept
your day because its all you did, the atonement was made because we can't go
back, it was made because we arent good enough. but through Jesus Christ we are
good enough, we wake up everyday being better than before. I love Jesus Christ,
i know he lives, and i know he loves me and each and everyone of you, i know he
lives because i know him, he is my brother, he is my teacher, and he is my best

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