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Friday, March 2, 2012

Hello Everyone!!

Hello Everyone!!
Today I am going to share a miracle or two from everyday this week!!
February 21st:  Today we met April Clinton (cool huh!?). On Sunday she came to the church and met Bro. Christianson, later we got a call and set up a time to go and meet with her. We taught her about the Book Of Mormon and about prayer and she is now on date for baptism on the 24th of March!! They have no food, they showed us their fridge and cupboards, it was such a sad sight! We gave them some of our food but we didn't have much, so we called the bishop and he met with her that very night and helped her to use the Bishops storehouse! As we taught she told us that a hope filled her heart that she has always longed for.
February 22nd: Today was interviews with President Larkin and i asked for a blessing and the blessing literally changed my whole life, i am a completely different person now!
Also, We finally got a hold of Lori Sanchez!! She is amazing! God has prepared her for this message for a long time!! and she recognizes it which is the best part!! With tears in her eyes she described how she felt as we spoke, she confessed that she knows we were sen by God, she spoke if Christs love that she always felt was missing in her life and how she wants to follow him. She accepted baptism and is preparing to be Baptized on the 17th of March!! 
February 23rd:  Today the Kent Zone beat its record of on dates!! We have 19 people who accepted and who are progressing toward baptism!! and 16 of them are for the Month of March!! WHOO!!!!
February 24th:  Today we went and knocked on the door of a man named Gary. As we were knocking the next door neighbor opened his door and told us that they moved. We ended up talking to him and he confessed that he is looking for a church and would love to hear our message! GOD IS AMAZING!! 
Also, We went on exchanges today and went to Scenic Hill. We went into a lesson of a Part-member family, the 9 year old unbaptized Child came up to us and the first question he asked was "When can i be Baptized?" We put them on date for March 4th!! Now every Area in the Kent zone has an on date at the same time!! (never happened before) 
February 25th:  We taught 8 lessons in one day!! (Never happened before!) One of which was to a lady named Chance. She is a young single adult and is amazing!! we were teaching her about the Book of Mormon and what the book of Mormon can do for our lives and she said "i know that you were placed in my life by God, i am not sure why, but i promise i will figure it out!" We invited her to be baptized, she didn't accept yet, but she really wants to be a member of the church!!
Also. The Lake Meridian Elders got a referral from Church headquarters of a 18 yr old girl who wants to know about the Church! They taught her and she is GOLDEN!! she accepted a baptismal date for march 24th then they passed her off to us to teach her in the singles ward!
February 26th:  I am not boasting i promise but this week was the most successful week of my mission!! We taught 27 lessons!! and have 4 progressing investigators!! We taught 9 of those lessons with a memebr fellowship involved in the lesson!! We put 3 new people on date for baptism and i have never been so excited and hopefull in my entire life!!
I love you all so much!! Please write back!!
Elder Trevor Williamson

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