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Monday, April 25, 2011

April 25,2011

This week was amazing!!! It seems like the six week famine in Seattle 1 A has ended! We have been really focusing on getting into every members home and been focusing on them being able to trust us. So far it has been working great! We taught 8 member lessons this week and most of them were mebers that we have never been to thier house before! We had a miracle with Ivan this past week. So if you remeber we have been working with Ivan for a long time, and the major obstacles were, he wanted no doubt before he was baptized, and he needed to get married to his GF before he could get married, but both have been married before and neither one wanted to get married. We went to thier house and out of the blue Ivan told us that they are getting Married and that they are probably setting a date in June!!! it's so exciting President, i Love this man and i have wanted im to be baptized forever!!! Now he has finaly gained a testimony of the Book of Mormon, so all is well!
Another Miracle happened this week, We were at the "after Party" of the baptism on saturday and our ward clerk called us and told us there is a man on the phone that wants to be mormon. We called him and set up a time that day to go see him. His name is Aaron Hatcher, he is 26 and we met outside a Starbucks, we taught him basic principles and just got to know him. we were trying to figure out a ride to church for him the next day and our ward is kind of difficult to get rides. Low and Behold A member couple walks by and they agree to take him to church. We were able to put him on date for May 21st and he will do anything and everything necissary to accomplish this goal! After Church we took him on a Church tour with the members who gave him a ride. Since he is single and 26 we are handing them over to University, but as long as he gets Baptized, i'm ok with that! :)

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